Monday, 13 September 2010

'Chilling' - Tales from the Fridge: episode 1

I'm developing this comic strip, set in a fridge, with my friend Dan Pearce. Screenwriters will recognize the start of a classic 'hero's journey' in which the protagonist is an innocent young chilli pepper and the mentor is a wise old chunk of Parmesan. Of course, thinking in these terms about everything you write will eventually turn your brain to loose porridge which would slop over the edges of your skull if, in an amusing reversal of convention, a monkey should slice off the top and try to scoop out the contents. My immature attitude to the disciplines of screenwriting is outlined in the mercifully unpublished thesis "The writer's journey, and how to get home after you've been thrown off the bus for fooling around."

More episodes of Tales from the Fridge will appear here very soon.


  1. Hey Paul, I wonder if you've come across this:
    It's amazing what those veggies get up to...

  2. This is hilarious. I love it. Can't wait for more episodes. (Do I smell some eight-month forgotten pasta sauce in there?)

    Cheers from Virginia, US

  3. Dear Paul
    I have truly enjoyed your performance at The Desperation Festival. You are a great writer and also a very nice performer. Thank you!