Sunday, 7 February 2010

CROC - Recycle the Oscars!

Join CROC, the Challenge to Recycle the Oscar Campaign. The plan is to limit the number of Oscars in circulation. If a previous award-winner makes a really atrocious film, they have to give their Oscar back. They do it with Michelin stars, so why not with Hollywood stars? This scheme not only endorses eco-friendly practice, it will also discourage stars, directors and writers from making terrible movies. And it's a good way to start arguments and insult people while pretending to discuss culture. Suggestions? All categories included; who should give their award back, and why?


  1. Peter Jackson should give all his back, because Lovely Bones is sentimental hogwash, and if he gets any more for that film, he should be made to watch 'A Matter of Life and Death' on a loop for the rest of eternity.

  2. Only winners who keep their Oscars in the toilet should be forced to give them back.

  3. If anyone gets an Oscar for being involved in An Education they should be arrested at the door. I didn't believe a single frame of it.